58-Year-Old Woman Pregnant With Her Own Grandchild

It never ceases to amaze me what some moms will do for their kids. Like having their kids for them. We've heard this story before. A woman can't have children for whatever reason. So her mother steps up to the plate and offers to have her own grandchild. It's still rare, but the fact that it happens at all is simply incredible to me. By the time I'm in my golden years, the absolute last thing I'd ever want to do is go through a pregnancy and then squeeze out a baby -- whether or not it's my own flesh and blood. But here comes surrogate supermom Julia Navarro. She's pregnant with her 32-year-old daughter's daughter. And, good lord, people, she's 58!!


Yes, at a time when the vast majority of women have retired to gardening and cat collecting (a little joke there, don't send me hate mail), Julia is pregnant with her own grandchild.

It all began when her daughter, Lorena McKinnon, and her son-in-law, Micah, couldn't conceive. A dozen pregnancies ended in miscarriage. Lorena and her husband found a friend willing to be a surrogate for her, but after realizing how complex the whole thing could be, she dropped out (can't blame her there).

That's when Utah resident Julia decided to step up. She offered to be her daughter's surrogate. Prepping a 58-year-old woman's body for pregnancy wasn't entirely easy; she had to have three months of hormone shots.

I imagine Julia must have been in good condition though, or a doctor wouldn't have agreed to impregnate her (so to speak). At least, I'm hoping whoever did it gave her a thorough health exam! She also had to go through three months of counseling and sign various contracts.

Says Lorena:

The psychologists wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting into — that we were mentally prepared.

But after that, it was all a breeze. Doctors were surprised when the first embryo implanted in Julia resulted in pregnancy. Even more astonishingly, Julia has had no morning sickness or other discomfort. And at eight months pregnant, Julia only stopped working her 12-hour shifts at a hospital a few weeks ago. Whaaaa?!

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This woman is truly some kind of goddess or something. Absolutely blessed with fairy pregnancy dust.

It remains to be seen how the labor goes, but I have a feeling Julia will be one of those women who huffs and puffs a couple of times and out pops a human being in record time.

Mind-boggling. Lorena and Micah hope to have other children too but say they will look for another surrogate. I wouldn't be shocked, however, if Julia ends up giving birth to all her grandkids!

Would you ever do this for your adult child?

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