TSA Video for Kids Scares the Bejeezus Out of Parents

So the TSA has a pretty bad rap, huh? Maybe they could even be considered scary for little kids who may have overheard adults complaining about the hassle that is the Transportation Security Administration? Maybe they’d even be a little intimidated passing through airport security with a bunch of uniformed agents waving them through weird-looking machines?

To alleviate some of those fears, the TSA decided to put together a little cartoon video you can show your kids before you jet off to see some part of the world you couldn’t drive to.


It’s cute. It’s got this little dog family and talks about the “stop, screen, go” method of getting through airport security. Stop and place your things on the belt to be screened and then go. Stop, screen, and go through the metal detectors. Stop, screen, and go for the baby’s bottle.

Take a look:

Of course, as The Atlantic points out, they totally left out the part about the “scarier-seeming naked scanner that many kids actually must walk through,” and no mention at all of the intrusive pat-downs that have become obscenely routine.

From The Atlantic:

A kid who saw the above video, only to face more intrusive screening when actually at security, would perhaps be even worse off, because it would seem like the extra scrutiny wasn't part of the normal process that was explained to them in the nice video. "This didn't happen in the video," they might say. "Why are you doing this to me?"

But of course they wouldn’t pat down little kids, right? Of course they might. Like this 6-year-old girl, or this 6-year-old boy who got two pat-downs and cried that he didn’t want to go to Disneyland anymore. Or this toddler who screams and cries as she’s being aggressively handled by agents, or this little girl with cerebral palsy. Or this toddler in a wheelchair, or this 4-year-old hugging her grandma, or this baby. Yes, I said baby.

Nice try, TSA, but it’s going to take more than a cutesy video to make families feel at ease about getting through airport security.

Are you nervous about going through airport security with kids?

Image via TSAHQpublicaffairs/YouTube

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