Mom Delivers Baby Alone in the Middle of Polar Vortex Snowstorm (VIDEO)

Mariah GrovePeople all across the U.S. are dealing with ridiculously frigid temperatures this week due to the polar vortex, but one new mom in Indianapolis definitely faced a bigger ordeal than she expected during the city's snowstorm.

Mariah Grove had planned on having a home birth, which is why she didn't hesitate to call her midwives after going into labor on Sunday night. But because of the storm, they were unable to reach her -- so she wound up delivering the baby herself in her bedroom.

Little Evangeline Beatrix was born in the middle of the night, and amazingly enough, the delivery couldn't have been more flawless.


Check out this video clip to hear about Mariah's ordeal, and to find out whom she credits with helping her through the birth.

Wow. When most of us go through labor and delivery, we think about our doctors, nurses, midwives, whoever helping us get through the process. But don't you think Mariah has a great attitude in realizing that she and her little baby were working together as a team throughout the entire ordeal? It's so amazing to me how instead of going into an absolute state of panic -- she remained calm and took a deep breath and decided she and the baby would get through the birth together.

And Mariah's grandmother made such an important point too when she said, "I think we lose sight at just how natural this is because a woman is trained to go to the hospital. And as long as everything is fine, she did it herself."

As inconceivable as it is to think of giving birth without assistance, she's totally right. Birth is a natural thing and women have been doing it forever. And you have to wonder if Mariah's calm demeanor is what led to her having such an easy delivery. Maybe if we didn't get so riled up about it, making it into this big production -- it can be just as normal and natural as it was for her ... even if no one else is around.

If nothing else, Mariah serves as a great example of just how true the whole "mind over matter" thing can be. And odds are good she'll instill the same confidence in her daughter as she grows up ... especially after reminding her how she came into the world working with her mommy as a team.

Can you imagine giving birth alone?


Image via RTV6

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