Old Spice Ad Is a Creepy Look at Moms Who Love Their Sons Too Much (VIDEO)

Old Spice momMothers of sons, I hate to break it to you, but at some point in time, you are going to have to cut the apron strings. I know, it will be hard. But don't worry! Help is coming at you from -- of all places -- a hilarious new Old Spice commercial

The Mom Song Old Spice ad is like that creepy scene from the children's book about the mom who sneaks into her adult son's room for snuggles, only the mother/son love is amped up to 11 as you encounter mothers facing the heartbreaking reality that their teenage sons are turning into grown men:


Haha! The ad is being called out as bizarre and a tad bit gross today, and for good reason. The mother hiding behind the door of her teenage son's room had a Jacosta and Oedipus overtone to it, and the mom on the beach (or should I say in) might just give me nightmares.

But the best ads always gets us talking, and this one certainly has. And if you're a mother who coddles her not-so-little boy, I dare say you might take note of the creep factor ... this could be you in a few years, if you're not careful! YOU could be the next lady in a laundry basket bump, bump, bumping down the road, clinging to the bumper of Junior's car! That is if you don't back off just a wee bit and let him make the jump from "your little guy" to "man of the world."

So do yourself (and him) a favor. Find your own life, would ya?

Do you ever feel like your son is a mama's boy? Why?


Image via dmv11graphics/YouTube

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