Facebook Flags Breastfeeding Photo as 'X-Rated' -- Really?! (VIDEO)

marissa brown breastfeedingBreastfeeding photos on social media: Thoughts? Whether you love them and think they're beautiful or find them to be a gross display of exhibitionism, odds are you don't find them pornographic. Because that would be weird. I mean, sure, it's boobs and oh my god giggle giggle boobies, but it's a mom feeding her child (and the nipple isn't usually showing!). Unless I'm super sheltered, that's much different than any porn I've ever seen.

So why the heck did Facebook just flag another photo of a mother breastfeeding her baby -- and label it "pornography and nudity." I get that a bare breast is technically nudity, but porn? Really, Facebook?


Marissa Brown posted two photos of herself nursing her daughter. The first was flagged as pornography and nudity, and the second, in which she explained her reasoning for posting the first photo, was flagged as hate speech. "I’m not anti-formula. I’m not anti-anything. I’m pro-breastfeeding. I’m pro-taking care of your child in any way that suits your family best," she told KCAL9. Brown has left the photos up and has no plans to take them down, as Facebook "allows" women to post photos of children breastfeeding on their pages. Why do I put "allows" in quotes? Because, think about it, how many stories have you heard in the past year or so of Facebook taking down photos/giving moms crap for posting nursing pics on the site? I know they'd never do this because of the horrendous publicity they'd get, but if they're going to constantly flag/report/take down breastfeeding pics on Facebook, don't allow them in the first place! There's always an issue with these types of photos. Always.

While I'm not the type of person to upload a photo of myself breastfeeding to the Internet, I really, truly don't think photos like this are indecent -- and they're most certainly not pornographic. And I haven't had a Facebook account for quite some time, but last time I checked, there were photos on there much more "porny" than a mom nursing her child.

It's all or nothing, Facebook. If you're going to constantly have issues with breastfeeding pics, don't allow 'em. And if you're cool with 'em, then just let them be. And for those people so offended by a photo of a mom feeding her baby, just unfriend them. It really is that simple.

Did you ever post breastfeeding pics to Facebook? Why or why not?

Image via KCAL9

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