6 Biggest Lessons Our Kids Learned in School in 2013

hairAs a new year approaches, it's always time for reflection. The biggest news events, craziest celeb scandals, how the economy fared. But we parents should be looking at one other major category: what the last 365 days have taught our kids. Beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, take a look at the outrageous lessons our children learned in school during 2013.


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  • You Must Conform to the Way We Want You to Look


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    A 6-year-old was suspended from a Texas school until his mom agreed to cut his long hair. The message here: the way you look is more important than giving you an education.

  • You Are Not Allowed to Use Your Imagination


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    A 7-year-old was suspended for pretending his pencil was a gun. He reportedly was caught "shooting" a friend who was pretending to be a bad guy. This fell under the school's zero tolerance policy. Well, parents should have a zero tolerance policy for such a ridiculous decision.

  • There Is No Such Thing As Harmless Fun


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    A 5-year-old was kicked out of school for making a "terrorist threat." The specifics of her alleged crime? She shot at her friends with a Hello Kitty bubble gun. While I don't think kids should bring play guns to school, suspending this child is totally uncalled for. Why not just call the parents and tell them not to let her bring something like this to school in the future?

  • Don't Ever Show Affection


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    A 6-year-old was kicked out of school for kissing the hand of a first grade classmate. The HAND. This is the very definition of an excessive punishment.

  • Don't Care So Much About Your Assignments


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    For a drama class, a teen got an assignment to create a character and be that person for an entire day. He chose to take on the persona of a homeless man. He did such a good job, no one recognized him and called the police. When the cops arrived, he explained the situation but the school wasn't pleased. He was suspended for two days.

  • Your Natural Beauty Isn't Actually Beautiful AT ALL


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    Another hair-raiser. A 12-year-old girl was threatened with expulsion if she did not straighten her naturally bushy and kinky hair. How dare this school tell this child that the way she was born is not pretty enough, not good enough to walk their halls.

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