15 Most-Read Parenting Stories That Had Us Talking in 2013 (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Dec 27, 2013 Parenting News

baby born in an amniotic sacFrom awe-inspiring photos of a baby born in an amniotic sac or unretouched moms' bodies to blood-boiling news about a mom being thrown out of a water park for being too "full-figured" to controversy-spawning breastfeeding tales galore, 2013 was a year busting at the seams with stories that made our hearts pound, melt, and just about everything in between! With only a matter of days to go before we ring in 2014, we thought this past unforgettable year called for a round-up and review.

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Here, The Stir's 15 most-read parenting posts of the year ...

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  • 1. Image of Baby Born in Amniotic Sac Struck Us as Awe-Inspiring


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    Stir readers were absolutely fascinated in June by this photo of a baby still inside the amniotic sac, taken and posted to Facebook by Dr. Aris Tsigris after a C-section in Greece. The rare occurrence offered an intriguing, breathtaking glimpse at a baby's life in utero. The story inspired many to share their experiences with babies "born in a veil," like Heather B., who wrote, "I actually gave natural, vaginal birth like this. I didn't get to see it, but the people in the room with me said it was amazing, and I had someone tell me that in some cultures it means the baby is 'blessed.'"

  • 2. A Deadly Bite Took the Life of a 6-Year-Old Girl


    Image via John Tan/Flickr

    News that a 6-year-old North Carolina girl named Emilee Russell died after being bitten by a tick on vacation in Texas struck fear in the hearts of parents everywhere in June. Commenters shared their condolences with the Russell family and shared tips about protecting their children from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

  • 3. NICU Nurse Shared a Heartbreaking Story of Dying Mother & Baby


    Image via Michael Bentley/Flickr

    In August, a NICU nurse published her unforgettable, heart-rending personal story about a dying mother's bonding with her newborn, illustrating the power of the bond between mother and child. Readers were as touched as they were tearful. As one commenter, MarchmommaKC, put it, "In tears ... What a tender, life-changing moment to capture. How precious for this mother, baby, and father. I can't imagine the heartbreak and elation both that this nurse sees day in and day out."

  • 4. Waitress' Note to Breastfeeding Mom Was a Game-Changer


    In July, we covered the story of breastfeeding mom Jackie Johnson-Smith's trip to a restaurant called Fong's in Des Moines, Iowa, where the waitress, Bondi, left a note on the receipt that blew her -- and us! -- away. After receiving many looks and stares for nursing in public, for once, what happened to this mom overshadowed all of the negativity! Many readers were empowered by what they read, like commenter Candy, who wrote, "How wonderful is to find support even if is from a stranger. Lots of moms do not have any support from family and friends, something like this could raise the spirits of a mom in doubt and help her meet her goals." Cheers to that!

  • 5. 100 Totally Amazing Hipster Baby Names


    Image via Anne Hill/Flickr

    When we rounded up the 100 best hipster baby names in October, from Clive to Matteo to Bear (like Kate Winslet's lil boy!), Poppy to Simone to Piper and Luna, moms were either enthused or repulsed! Check the rest of the list out and see how you feel about these too-cool-for-school baby names!

  • 6. Video of Baby's Development Was Both Beautiful & Nerve-Wracking


    Image via TED

    In January, we covered father and scientist Alexander Tsiaras' gorgeous, amazing video of a fertilized cell developing into a baby, which also addressed how we may be poisoning our babies by eating the wrong food while pregnant. Check it out and decide for yourself how you feel about Tsiaras' potentially worrying conclusions.

  • 7. Mom Showing 'Too Much Skin' Kicked Out of Water Park!


    Image via ABC

    When 42-year-old Madelyn Sheaffer went to Adventure Oasis Water Park in Independence, Missouri in early July, she was asked to put shorts on over her bikini, supposedly due to her "full figure." When she refused, police were called to escort her out of the park. No wonder some commenters went wild in her defense, like lovemy2sons25, who wrote, "I think either all women should be allowed to wear bikinis or none should be allowed. It's not fair. If a bigger person wants to wear a bikini and feels comfortable doing so, then that's her business and her right especially if they let skinny girls wear them. You don't want to see it then don't look." Meanwhile, others sided with the park. Take a look and decide where you stand.

  • 8. 15 Unintentionally Hilarious Kid Drawings Had Us in Stitches


    Image via Nickmom

    Inspired by Linda Sharps's son's drawing of a "spaceship" (which looks suspiciously like a cheetah-colored penis), our round-up of 15 unintentionally hilarious drawings by kids had everyone rolling on the floor. The icing on the cake: Comments describing similar situations, like escobedocutie86's: "When I was younger, I found a cute little statue that said BEST DAD EVER and I gave it to him with a big huge smile on my face. I never could understand why every adult laughed their ass off when they saw it displayed on our entertainment center (at my request). I found it a couple years ago and laughed my ass off. too! It's a sperm with a bow on its head!! I don't know what I thought it was back then, but I sure do know now!"

  • 9. What NOT to Say to Co-Sleeping Parents 101


    Image via Steven.D/Flickr

    Both moms who co-sleep with their kiddos and those who don't were quick to weigh in big time on our roundup of 10 annoying things you should never say to a co-sleeping parent (i.e., "How do you have sex?"). Read the list and tell us where you stand on the issue?

  • 10. 'A Beautiful Body' Revealed What Moms Really Look Like


    Image via Jade Beall

    Photographer behind the book A Beautiful Body Jade Beall inspired us all by snapping gorgeous photos of moms without any retouching -- showing how stretch marks, c-section scars, or skin that isn't as tight as it once was can be beautiful and confidence-boosting. Many readers rejoiced with Beall, like LadyBespin, who wrote, "Love this! Especially love how the children were included in some way in each photo -- a connection that women fail to make when we are so judgmental about our appearance. Our bodies grew life, nourished and protected it. Having battled body image issues my whole life, it was only after birthing my children did I appreciate its strength and the role it played in producing such wonderful human beings."

  • 11. Scary PSA Reveals How Minutes in a Hot Car Affects a Toddler


    Image via RedCastleProductions/YouTube

    In the summer, the horror stories about children being left in hot cars seem neverending. Just one reason a PSA on vehicular heat stroke called "One Decision" that came out this summer was particularly moving, powerful, and shocking to watch. Most commenters were devastated by what they saw. Take a look and see how you feel about its warnings and advice.

  • 12. Shocking Photos Taken of Woman Giving Birth on Clinic Lawn


    Image via dizznbonn/Flickr

    In early October, a mother named Irma Lopez Aurelio made headlines for being turned away from her local medical clinic in Mexico, despite being fully dilated and her water having broke. She ended up giving birth on the lawn of the clinic, and instead of helping her, bystanders snapped a photo of her with her newborn still attached to the umbilical cord. Making matters worse, the image wound up on a magazine cover! Some commenters were understandably appalled while others hoped that the photo would spread awareness about a troubling situation. What do you think?

  • 13. Inspiring Video Captures Premature Baby's Incredible Journey


    Image via BenjaminScot/VIMEO

    In November, we were floored and inspired by photographer Benjamin Scot's documentation of his little boy's journey from being born 15 weeks early as a 1.5-pound infant in a neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) to becoming a happy, healthy 1-year-old. The gorgeous video took our breath away ... and us crying our eyes out!

  • 14. Comedian Shared How People With No Kids Also Have No Clue


    Image via Jeff Roy/YouTube

    Last month, we shared comedian Michael McIntyre's hilarious bit called "People With No Kids Don't Know," which was so funny, because it's so true! As commenter Aimster points out, "The joke is on us parents, it really isn't about nonparents failing to understand ... Really when I laughed at this, I was laughing at my former self! Not laughing at ALL at my non-parent friends (some by choice and some by circumstance)."

  • 15. We're Still Laughing at These 'Sorry-I-Didn't-Help-You-First' Pics


    Image via Linda Sharps

    This one giggle-worthy face plant pic pretty much says it all, but we had 17 more examples of kids in funny, compromising positions their parents had to capture on film. Some commenters were amused, while others weren't so much ... Where do you stand on these snaps?

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