'Lucky' Cow Has the Power to Bless Pregnant Women With Baby Boys

boy balloonIf you're at all superstitious, then this story is going to have you more than a little bit intrigued. Women in India are flocking to rub the extra hoof of a rare five-legged cow -- because so many before them have done the same and given birth to baby boys.

Ever since a pregnant woman delivered twin boys after touching "Raju's" fifth hoof while begging for her fifth baby to be a boy -- the word has gotten out that this is no ordinary cow. And now women are actually paying to touch the hoof in the hopes of having a boy themselves.

Did I mention that Raju's owner is so confident in his "abilities" -- he is willing to offer refunds to any women who wind up having baby girls after rubbing his foot?


So far, 33 baby boys have been born to moms who visited Raju -- which definitely makes us wonder whether or not this cow really is some sort of fertility luck charm.

You know what this story reminds me of? Those fertility statues that was in the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum a few years back. Supposedly thousands of women became preggo after touching them -- which is why I made it a point to stay as far away from those things as possible when I passed by them on a visit to the museum. I remember seeing women rubbing them up and down -- and then there was even this one gal who had to go sit down on a bench after touching them because she was so nauseous. (Think it could've worked that quickly? Maybe ...)

It's pretty hard to dispute the statues having some sort of magical power -- and considering 33 baby boys have come into the world after women touched this cow, you gotta wonder if there's more to pregnancy superstitions than meets the eye.

If a couple women had given birth to boys with quite a few girls thrown into the mix, it would be much harder to believe. But 33? How can that be a mere coincidence?

Huh. If you happen to live in India and really, really have your heart set on having a son -- it couldn't hurt to stop by and see Raju. If nothing else, at least he comes with a money back guarantee.

Do you believe in superstitions like this?


Image via Cyron/Flickr

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