Window Washers Bring Christmas Joy to Sick Kids (VIDEO)

You know what’s got to suck? Being stuck in the hospital on Christmas -- especially if you’re a kid. But some good Samaritans in Florida managed to cheer up some kids stuck in a couple of children’s hospitals with a Christmas surprise.

The window washers dressed up as Santa and his elves to go about their normal business, but this time making new friends through the glass as the kids inside laughed and delighted with the treat.


Take a look and try not to smile with how happy these kids are to see the visitors from the North Pole.

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Window washing companies across the country are joining in on the fun, and it’s not just for Christmas, either. During other times in the year, you might just find Spiderman washing the windows at your local children’s hospital.

What a great way to bring a little happiness to some kids that I’m sure would much rather be out playing than stuck in a sick bed.

As for the guys doing this? They love it. One said, “I feel like a little bit of a rock star right now.”

You are a rock star, dude. Keep it up.

Would it cheer you up to find Santa washing your windows?


Image via NBC Nightly News


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