Thousands of Christmas Carolers Make Dying Girl's Wish Come True (VIDEO)

Laney BrownLike most little girls, 8-year-old Laney Brown loves Christmas carols. But unlike most little girls, Laney -- whose real name is Delaney -- is spending this holiday season at home waiting to die. She has acute myeloid leukemia, a blood cancer that's progressed so far that doctors say they just can't treat her. But sick as little Laney is, she wasn't too sick to make some last Christmas wishes. She wanted a sea of carolers to show up on her street and sing her favorite Christmas songs.

This weekend, that happened. Carolers showed up. Thousands of carolers all looking to make one dying girl's last Christmas wish come true.


If you aren't crying already, the video of some of these complete strangers outside a little girl's house will do it for you. Just look at these people:


You know, most of us would go to the ends of the earth and back again to find a way to make our sick kids feel better. That doesn't make us martyrs; it makes us parents.

But I imagine Laney's parents must be bowled over right now with the amazing amount of love flowing into their home from the hearts of complete strangers. These people don't know their little girl from Adam. They AREN'T her parents; they don't have that all-encompassing love of a child that parents have that drives us to do crazy things for our kids. And yet they're willing to open their hearts up for her and do something incredible to make her life a little bit better.

As scary as it is to raise a child in a world full of war and poverty and countless other horrible things, it's people like the 10,000-some who showed up in the streets outside a dying girl's house to sing Christmas carols who make us parents feel like we can do this. We aren't alone; there are people fighting to give our kids a good life ... for as long as they're here.

My heart breaks for the Brown family.

I know they could use all the prayers and warm thoughts of wonderful people just like these carolers right now, so here goes ... what would YOU like to say to this family right now? 


Image via Team Laney/Facebook

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