2-Year-Old Gets Lollipop With Scorpion Inside at Holiday Party (VIDEO)

scorpion lollipop

What the hell? A mom in St. Louis is understandably outraged after her 2-year-old was given a lollipop with a scorpion inside of it at a kids' holiday party sponsored by the Rams last weekend.

Richelle West says her son, Antoine, went to eat a treat out of a stocking full of candy he'd received at the party. But when he took a lick of a lollipop that was in the stocking, he told his mother it "tasted nasty."

And that's when Richelle discovered that this was no ordinary sucker. The darn thing had a bug inside of it.


Take a look at this video to hear more.

Grosssssss! Who the heck was the genius who packed those stockings for the kids?!?

Like Richelle said, this was probably some sort of gag gift. But who is really heartless and/or stupid enough to give something like this to a child -- let alone a little toddler?!? What if he'd bitten down farther on that thing and wound up with the scorpion in his mouth? OMG. That would've been just terrible.

I guess there's always the chance that whoever donated/bought the candy didn't realize what it was. Still -- you'd think whoever put the stockings together would've noticed a bug-filled lollipop! It's kind of hard to miss the scorpion, don't you think?

Luckily Richelle quickly figured out that this wasn't an appropriate treat for Antione. But let's just hope the parents of the other children who attended the party see this report and thoroughly go through their kids' candy before letting them eat it too!

What would you do if something like this happened to your child?


Image via USAToday

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