Soldiers Surprising Their Kids for Christmas Is a Real Holiday Gift (VIDEO)

military dadI don't know about you, but my favorite part of the holidays is the giving ... particularly to little kids. I could skip all the cookies, the carols, and the cocoa just so long as I get to see the look on a child's face as they open a precious gift. But seeing as there is no gift quite as precious as family, I've got a holiday video that will give you all the feels in all the right places.

The folks over at HooplaHa managed to pull together some of the best clips out there of children being surprised by their military moms and dads for the holidays. On a scale of one to sobbing over my laptop, let's just say I give it at least 10 tissues.

You ready?


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Push to about the 50-second mark, because that's where it gets really good!

Sniff. Sniff. Bawl.

I think what really got me was the little girl crashing through the box to wrap her dad in a big hug. From there on, I was just a mess.

Heaven knows the children of our troops deserve some extra special holiday cheer. They sacrifice enough without one parent or the other around throughout the year.

And did you notice that not a single one of those kids complained that there was a person in those boxes instead of some fancy gadget or toy? Maybe it's because they are growing up familiar with what it means to sacrifice something for the good of the many that they get what really matters most in this world: people, FAMILY.

Which reveal was your favorite?


Image via HooplaHa/YouTube

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