Dad Forces 5-Year-Old to Run Beside Car for 'Football Training' (VIDEO)

running boyParents are so overwhelmed with work these days, it can be hard to fit in family time. So typically, we applaud any efforts to bond and enrich your kids. Though we think one dad may have it all wrong. A controversial -- and scary -- video has popped up showing a father forcing his son (who appears to be around 5) to jog alongside the car to "train" for football. And if that wasn't bad enough, wait until you hear how he talks to the poor child.


How in the world does this dad think this behavior is appropriate? It doesn't look like fun or a game for this kid. And the way he is speaking to that child is indefensible. When has an expletive-filled rant ever been the proper motivation for a little kid? What is especially disturbing is that even when the boy is clearly exhausted, this man doesn't let up. Now, I am not sure what kind of athletic ability is required of pee-wee football players in his town, but this "training" seems over-the-top.

To be frank, this dad sounds like a big bully. Given his attitude on the video, I imagine this is the kind of parent that gets a little too intense while watching kids' games. We've all heard those stories of dads banned from the stands because of their comments or behavior. What he may not realize or be willing to admit is that this could ultimately hurt his son. This could be too much pressure at too young of an age. Not only that, it's just incredibly mean.

I can only imagine what his neighbors thought as they saw the out-of-breath child struggling to keep up with a moving car. He even complains of being in pain. His dad's response? "I don't want to hear about no excuses ... run or I'ma run your ass over." This man comes off as a total JERK. If I witnessed such a thing, I would feel compelled to intervene in some way.

What would you do if you saw your neighbor doing this to his son?

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