3-Year-Old Survives First-Ever 5-Organ Transplant (VIDEO)

Adonis Ortiz
Adonis Ortiz
Think about how you feel when your toddler has a cold or is in pain from teething. Your heart breaks and you would do anything to alleviate the discomfort if you could. You just want your child to be healthy and happy. Now think about what it would be like if your child had to undergo multi-organ transplant surgery. The thought is terrifying, right? But for one family, that was the only option they had. Three-year-old Adonis Ortiz just underwent a never-before-attempted five-organ transplant. And, by the grace of god, this little fighter didn't just survive, he was wheeled out of surgery smiling.


Adonis was born with a severe congenital disorder that caused his intestines to protrude through a hole in his abdomen, and his one hope for survival was this extremely risky organ transplant. The Ortiz family got the call in October that they had a transplant match, and within hours, he was rushed to the hospital. "For you to have a donor, a baby must die," explained grandmother Elvira Cruz. "That was the hardest part for us." And making matters even more complicated was the fact that nobody was even sure the procedure would work or if Adonis would survive. But it did and he did. Adonis is now the proud owner of a new liver, pancreas, stomach, and small and large intestines.

It's hard to imagine what this family was going through. Like I said, seeing our children in pain or in jeopardy is one of the worst things a parent can experience. But the Ortizes decided to take a chance, for the sake of their little boy, and leave things up to the universe. And it's a good thing they did, because he's come out the other end with flying colors! On some level, his parents must have trusted that he would, right? They clearly have a little fighter on their hands and know it.

Check out this brave, adorable boy. Could you imagine going through this with your child? Heartbreaking.


Image via CBS

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