Little Girl Reunited With Lost Teddy Bear Thanks to Thoughtful Stranger (PHOTO)

teddy bearAny parent can tell you, there's always one toy -- one very special toy -- that belongs to their child that would result in all death and destruction were it ever to get lost. Often, these security toys are sweetly referred to as "lovies," and our little ones sleep with them; eat with them; and basically go everywhere with them. It's adorable. But also slightly terrifying, because OMG, what if something happened to it?!

Recently, one little girl lost her beloved stuffed bear while on a train. And as you can imagine, she was distraught. But miraculously, a kind passenger on the next train found the bear and took to social media to unite it with its rightful owner. And guess what? It worked! And you thought the world went to hell in a hand basket ...


After spotting the lonely bear on the train, Lauren Bishop Vranch posted his pic to Twitter, along with this caption: "Found this well loved little dude on an East Coast train at Kings Cross -- let’s find the owner, Twitter!" And shortly after her tweet, thousands of other people retweeted the photo, and eventually, the father of the little girl who owned him came across the search party. He retrieved the bear -- whose name is Roar, by the way -- and now everything is right with the world. The little girl, named Phoebe, and Roar are reunited and it feels so good. 

Phoebe's parents had to have been over the moon to see that there were people out there in the world trying to help them get their daughter's bear back to her. I'm sure there were many "We're trying to get him back, sweetie" conversations over the weekend that did little to stop Phoebe's tears. I doubt they had any belief that they'd ever come across Roar again, so I'm sure they were shocked to find him hanging out online.

Yay for good people in the world! And yay for cute little girls being reunited with their cute little bears!

Does your child have a lovie?


Image via Lauren Bishop Vranch/Twitter

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