Woman Miscarries 10 Times in 1 Agonizing Night

It's bad enough to miscarry one child, but imagine miscarrying 10 babies -- all in one night. A woman in India has apparently set some kind of tragic record by miscarrying 10 babies in one night. The woman, a 28-year-old who had conceived 10 babies after in vitro fertilization, lost them all at 12 weeks. And the sad thing is that some of the babies probably could have been saved.


Reports say that the mother, Anju Kushwaha, miscarried nine of the babies at home and the tenth one in the hospital. A doctor told The Times of India that it appeared that there was no medical followup to the woman's conception, and that if she had reduced the pregnancy, at least three of the babies could have survived.

Of course, there are women who are famous for having successful multiple births -- including Nadya "Octomom" Suleman and Kate Gosselin. But even they didn't give birth to 10 babies at one time. This is an extremely dangerous endeavor, and I'm not sure why the woman attempted it.

That said, it must have been terrible to lose all of them at once like that. Not only the emotional pain, but the physical. Miscarriages are no fun. Even one can hurt like hell, let alone 10! I can't imagine!

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Doctors will need to check her thoroughly afterward to make sure that she expelled all of the fetuses too. She wouldn't want to end up with a stone fetus! There are all kinds of complications that can ensue when a woman's body doesn't expel everything.

Certainly this woman will have a lot of mourning to do as well. I hope if she tries IVF again, this time she is willing to reduce the pregnancy to a viable number.

Would you reduce a multiple birth? Have you had a miscarriage?


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