6-Year-Old Asks Santa for a Prosthetic Arm & Community Makes It Happen

Christopher Kiezek

Want to hear something that's really going to get you into the holiday spirit and make you believe in the magic of the season again? Well, it's impossible not to feel all warm and fuzzy after hearing about a 6-year-old boy who asked Santa for a prosthetic arm -- just so he can play the Xbox like the rest of the kids his age.

Christopher Kiezek was born without part of his left arm, and while the disability hasn't really hindered him too much in life -- he isn't able to play video games. And if you have a child anywhere around his age, you know they're kind of all the rage right now.

But sometimes there are gifts that are a little too tough for Santa to make in his toy shop, which is why a family friend of Christopher's stepped in to help.


"Uncle" Bobby contacted Fox5 in Long Island to tell them about this sweet little boy and the donation page he'd set up in the hopes of helping Christopher's holiday wish come true. And as you will see in this video -- it looks like Christmas morning is going to be extra magical for this child.

New York News

Learning that Christopher is going to receive his new arm is wonderful enough -- but I swear I got chills after hearing that it's going to be a surprise gift from none other than Santa Claus himself. Isn't it amazing how the community rallied around this boy to give him the gift of something that most of us take for granted with our own little ones -- doing "normal" kid things?

His parents must be going absolutely nuts anticipating the look on his face when he realizes that Santa made his dreams come true. And the thought of him receiving this gift is even sweeter, considering Christopher first wanted to take his wish back when he heard people wanted to help him. It sounds like he didn't want a big fuss being made over his disability -- but hopefully he'll change his mind once he realizes he'll finally be able to experience that Xbox.

And if for any reason he's the least bit shy or embarrassed about Santa's big gift -- maybe hearing that other kids are also going to benefit from his wish will make him realize what an inspiration he is.

What part of Christopher's story amazed you the most?


Image via Fox5

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