Baby's Joyous Birth Turns Tragic When Dad Dies Suddenly Just Hours Later

hospital babiesThe family of a new dad is facing a sad holiday season this year. Josh Robison was by wife Erica's side on Thursday as she delivered their son, Logan. But just after he held his baby for the first time, the 24-year-old had to be rushed out of the room and into surgery. Josh Robison died just hours after his son was born.

According to the doctors, the headache he suffered son after his son's birth turned out to be bleeding on the brain which claimed his life. It's a heartbreaking story for sure, but his family has a remarkable way of looking at their loss.


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They're happy Josh got to meet -- and hold -- his little boy before he died. Josh's mom, Jodi, even called it a "miracle." 

What a strong woman! She just lost her son, and she can still find the good side!

I don't know that I'd be holding it together as well as the Robison family if I were in their shoes, but I can certainly speak to the miracle of those first few moments after a child is born and the magic for both a mom and a dad. I remember the look in my husband's eyes when he met our daughter. I'll call it true love, but frankly those words don't go far enough.

Looking at him looking at her, the emotion I remember feeling most was an overwhelming sense of connection between him and me. The look on his face mirrored everything I was feeling inside. Together we had done this amazing thing, and no one on the outside could understand what it was we saw when we looked at her.

Sure, everyone loves their own kids in their own way, but that's just it. No one loves each other's kids that way. It's only the parents of each particular kid who has that special bond with them.

I remember when my daughter was wheeled off to the nursery for tests, I turned to my husband to talk to him about her. In some ways I was looking for reassurance about my feelings (hey, I was a little hormonal) because he was the only other person on the planet who could get how I was feeling. 

Thinking about Josh and Erica Robison's last moments together, I hope that's what they had. Josh met little Logan, and for just a little while -- before Josh came down with a headache that turned out to be a bleed on the brain that would claim his life -- they shared what only two parents can share: an all encompassing love for their little boy.

How did the moments after your baby was born bond you with your partner?


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