Sandy Hook Family Shares Awe-Inspiring Way They Survived Losing a Child (VIDEO)

emilieIt's been a year since the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that took the lives of 20 children and 6 staff members. Our hearts continue to go out to those parents and the people of that town who have endured something to horrific, so monstrous. It's hard to imagine how they were able to move forward in the wake of such a monstrous day. One family chose a unique way to come to terms with losing their child that day. Watch the amazing video Alissa and Robbie Parker, parent's of six-year-old victim Emilie, created to prove to the world that "Evil did not win."


Remarkable, isn't it? Their strength, courage, and resilience are an inspiration. As is their raw honesty. They have endured something no family should and we see how they were paralyzed with despair in those first few months. But that grief gave way to a celebration of sorts. You really get to know what kind of little girl Emilie was and see that the memory of how she lived is so much more significant than the way she died. Of course it still hurts, but the Parkers and so many others in that town are the living, breathing proof that evil may exist in this world, but we don't have to let it triumph.

Are you inspired by the families of Newtown? 

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