Kindergartner Gives Deaf Parents Sweet Surprise During School Concert (VIDEO)

All parents are proud of their children when they see them perform at school events. They can mess up a thousand times or cry and flee the stage and we would still insist they are extraordinary and full of promise because, hey, they're so darn cute. But how awesome is it when you attend a concert or recital in which your child is taking part and discover that she really, truly is more unbelievable than you thought. The parents of one little girl got to experience that joy when their tot surprised them by using sign language throughout an entire school holiday concert.


Claire Koch, who is in kindergarten, was raised by deaf parents and American Sign Language is actually her first language. Her parents not only got to see her use some of the most adorable and animated facial expressions of any little performer ever, but were also able to enjoy Santa Is His Name-O, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and I Have a Little Dreidel, thanks to their talented peanut's stupendous signing abilities. 

Claire's mom felt compelled to post a video of her daughter on YouTube after she felt disappointment at the less than stellar job done by the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial service. 

Needless to say, Claire isn't just cute -- she's a gift to her parents and an inspiration to all people, big and small. When I first read the headline about this little girl, I kind of felt bad for her. Well, now I just feel bad for myself for feeling that way for even a second. Claire's amazing parents have taught her to be bilingual at a very young age, and have raised quite a thoughtful and sweet child. 

Watch and fall in love:

What do you think of the little girl's performance? 


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