11-Year-Old Risks His Life to Save Beloved Pet Dog

dogAn 11-year-old boy risked his life recently in order to save his dog. What have you done today?

The little boy named Jean Fernandes saw his dog get hit by a car while on a busy street, and without a second thought, he ran out into the middle of the street and grabbed his pup. After being struck, the dog, named Mel, laid there in the road, unable to walk, while the car that hit him sped off. Seeing this, Jean darted out into oncoming traffic, wrapped his arms around the poor little pup, and brought him to safety. "He managed to escape through the gate and I ran after him. By the time I saw him hit, he was in the middle of the street. I took him in my arms and brought him home," Jean said.

If this story and the beautiful photos of Jean rescuing his dog don't bring a smile to your face today, I don't know what will.


According to Jean's mother, all three of her children love animals, but Jean has a special connection with them, often rescuing ones he finds that have been abandoned or abused. And in case you're wondering, Mel is currently on the mend. "We like to play ball together. But he's not playing now because he's still in pain," Jean said of his pet.

It's always amazing to see the special talents children are born with. Clearly, Jean has a gift with animals, as this isn't something that could ever be taught. Most people -- including adults -- wouldn't run out into a busy street where cars are whizzing by in order to help a dog. Thank goodness for the Jeans of the world. Let's hope he never loses this passion.

What special talent or gift does your child have?

Image via powazny/Flickr

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