Teen Sentenced for Killing 5-Year-Old Sister & Mom's Reaction Is Unexpected

viloude louisAllourdes Desvallons is living every parent's worst nightmare: Not only was her 5-year-old daughter, Viloude Louis, killed -- she was killed by her 13-year-old brother, Armstrong Desvallons, who admitted "throwing his body and elbow into [Viloude's] chest about 20 times in June, when he was supposed to be babysitting her." (Armstrong said he was practicing wrestling moves he saw on TV.) And it gets worse: Armstrong was sentenced on Tuesday to three years in a secure juvenile facility for his crime, which means his mother is essentially losing another child, if only temporarily.

As a mom, I feel like this second "loss" would simply compound the first tragedy; not only will Allourdes Desvallons be separated from her still-young son for a period of years, but the rest of his life will no doubt be profoundly impacted by his incarceration (even though, yes, his own actions are what brought him to this place). But Armstrong's mother seems to feel differently. 


While members of the church attended by the Desvallons were quoted as saying Armstrong is a "good kid" (some even offered to take the boy into "probationary custody"), comments made by Allourdes Desvallons would suggest she sides with both the judge and Armstrong's stepdad (who has said the boy is "disrespectful" and that he could, possibly, kill again):

"What he did, it's like he ended my life," she said through an interpreter. "What the judge would decide, I would comply."

WOW. Does that mean she feels Viloude's death wasn't accidental, as so many parents (myself included) hoped? Not that an accidental death is any less of a loss, but it's not quite as horrifying to wrap one's head around a terrible accident than the idea of a 13-year-old knowing he was severely hurting his 5-year-old sister but doing it anyway. Honestly, the whole thing is just about too horrifying for me to even contemplate for very long. A 13-year-old is still a child, at least to me. Then again, three years at a secure facility for taking his sister's life doesn't seem like an unfair punishment -- that's for sure. 

How would you feel about the sentencing if you were Armstrong Desvallons' mom?

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