Daycare Worker Accused of Stealing Gold & Diamond Earrings Right Off Toddler's Little Ears (VIDEO)

A daycare worker has been arrested after being caught on video stealing hoop earrings right out of the ears of her 18-month-old charge. According to reports, the toddler's mom, Samantha Viera, sent her daughter, Amia, off to daycare wearing her new 14-karat gold with five encrusted diamonds earrings. When she returned home, they were gone. Amia's dad went to the daycare to look for them and confronted daycare worker Desire Santiago, who admitted losing one earring after taking it off because the baby's ear was red. But she insisted the other earring had been lost before that. But surveillance footage showed a very different story.


Video showed Santiago picking up Amia and putting the girl on her lap. She then reportedly snatched the gold-and-diamond earrings from her ears. She then let the girl go when a coworker came into the room.

Amia's mom told the New York Daily News:

To do this to a baby is unbelievable. Luckily our daughter is unaware of this because she’s so little.

Indeed, robbing a baby is the lowest of the low. But I gotta wonder, why on earth does an 18-month-old need gold and diamond earrings?

Her grandfather gave them to her for her birthday, and that's nice and all, but a baby has no idea what gold and diamonds are. And she won't even be able to wear them when she's older.

The earrings reportedly cost $100, so that's not a huge amount of money (I'd really be screaming if they cost thousands), but I just can't imagine what would make anyone think that a toddler needs real jewelry. First off, they are bound to get lost. Second, she will outgrow them quickly.

And thirdly, they leave a toddler open to this exact scenario! Some douchewad coming by and snatching them from her ears. Don't think there aren't types out there who aren't scanning bodies looking for this exact same stuff.

This all happened in Hunts Point, in the Bronx too. Sorry, not a great area. I've been there. I wouldn't wear diamond earrings to the Bronx. Hell, I try not to wear real jewelry anywhere in New York. New York, I love ya, but better to be safe.

I'm not victim blaming but this was a really bad decision on the mom's part. No baby needs to be wearing gold anything.

Police have recovered the earrings, so hopefully Amia's mom will not send her kid off with them in her ears in the future. But it's almost a good thing that this was caught on camera, because a daycare worker who would do this doesn't need to be around children.

Do you think kids need real jewelry?

Image via Somma/Flickr

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