Santa Claus Could Be a Black Man, We Just Want Kids to Know

black santaSo, according to FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly Santa is white and that's all there is to it. The end! Except, is that really all there is to it? When I look at the Santas around me she does seem to be right. Even though I live in New York City we have never encountered a black Santa, or an Asian Santa, or a Cuban Santa -- well, you get the idea. Maybe I just don't know where to look. The only Mexican Santa I've ever seen was that one year my dad dressed up. (And I was onto him!)

I've been Googling and calling and asking around to see if there are any Santas of color in the major department stores around me. No luck so far. And that makes me wonder -- is Christmas racist?


Haha, I'm kidding with that question. I promise.

But seriously, with more and more people around the world celebrating Christmas, don't you think Santa should start having a more diverse look? I know the original Santa legend comes from Northern Europe. But it would be kind of fun if I took my son to a mall and lo and behold, there was a black Santa.

To twist Megyn Kelly's own words a little bit: Just because a brown Santa makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it can't happen, you know? I just want kids to know that.

And here's the thing -- I bet some of the parents might be thrown at the sight of a Santa-of-color. But the kids probably wouldn't think anything of it. Why not? Knowing kid logic, they'd probably shrug and think, "huh, always thought he was pinker in the pictures, but I see red suit and white beard, so we're good." That's how my brain worked as a kid, anyway.

Instead of thinking of Santa as "that's just the way he's always been" why can't be think of Santa as he could be. C'mon people, it's the holidays, a time for imagination. I think kids should see all kinds of Santas.

How would you feel if you took your child to see Santa and he wasn't a white guy?


Image via Soul Christmas/Flickr

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