Obama's Puppy 'Sunny' Knocks Over 2-Year-Old White House Guest (VIDEO)

Ashtyn Gardner Obama family dog

Aww! While visiting the White House for a holiday celebration, 2-year-old Ashtyn Gardner was knocked over by Sunny -- the Obama family's new Portuguese Water Dog.

Yep. Poor little thing didn't know what hit her. Sunny wandered over towards her, most likely to get a whiff of the yummy goodies on the table behind her. She started to nudge her a bit, and the next thing you know -- BOOM! Ashtyn was on the ground, much to the horror of First Lady Michelle Obama. (She genuinely looked mortified y'all.)


Check out this video clip to see the whole thing go down.

Don't you love how after she fell, the dog wandered over like she was sorry and/or concerned and gave her a kiss? Too sweet. It's like Sunny instantly new she'd made a boo-boo and wanted to check and make sure the little girl was ok. (OMG. I love dogs. They're the BEST.)

And Ashtyn seemed to take the whole thing in stride and actually appeared to be quite fond of the dog -- even though she got a little too close for comfort. What a good little sport she is! It's kind of surprising that she didn't burst into tears -- most kids her age probably would have.

Ashtyn's family will really have quite the story to share each and every holiday season from here on out. Heck ... they should have a t-shirt made for her that says something like, "I visited the White House and all I got was tripped by a dog."

Is your toddler leery of dogs at all?


Image via Now This News

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