5-Year-Old With Rare Disorder Gets Sworn In as Police Officer (VIDEO)

kid becomes police officerThere is almost nothing in this world quite as heartwarming as seeing the look on a child's face when one of their wishes comes true. And it's something every parent wants to do for their child. My heart is filled with happy after learning about 5-year-old Morgan Steward's wish to become a police officer. Morgan has spinal muscular atrophy, a rare disorder that makes him unable to walk and sometimes unable to breathe. Most children with SMA don't make it to their first birthday. Morgan has defied the odds.

The adorable kid who looks so handsome in his custom police uniform had his wish come true in a huge way. The town of Covington, Georgia, and their police department went above and beyond the call of duty to bring so much joy to Morgan and his family. The video of him being sworn in will bring tears to your eyes.


WSBTV - 5-year-old made honorary police officer

Morgan always wanted to be one of the good guys -- and he certainly is. How cute is he in his yellow dress shirt and fancy striped tie! Morgan's mom told MyFox that he reads her and their relatives their Miranda rights all the time and said he just wants to be a police officer to help "stop the bad guys." He's a mini superhero.

The local police chief heard about Morgan and his wish and decided to make it come true. I love that the Mayor got involved and they had a big ceremony to swear Morgan in as honorary police officer. The Mayor made him take an "oath" to be good to his mom and be a good student, and he put on his police uniform and hat. His first order of business will be to lead the Christmas parade. He also now has the keys to the city. The police chief said that swearing Morgan in has been the highlight of his career.

I started to get teary when Morgan's aunt shed those tears of joy. And then when Morgan's mom said "people do care," I was scrunching my face up in one of those ugly happy cries. People do care. Thank goodness when they do. Because seeing the happiness on this child's face -- there is nothing better. Then when he said, "Thank you for making my dreams come true" ... wow ... what a perfect gentleman at the tender age of 5.

Congrats on your new job, Morgan! Keep dreaming big! You are such an inspiration. Gah! Now pass me the tissues.

Don't you love when a town comes together like this to make a child's wish come true? Know any other stories similar to this?

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