City Officials Tell Girl Who Wants to Work That She Should Beg Instead (VIDEO)

If your 11-year-old daughter needed $4,800 braces and wanted to help you offset the costs by working for the money needed, wouldn't you be damn proud of her? Imagine if she went to her uncle's farm, cut twigs of mistletoe and wrapped them herself, and then went to a crowded market to try and sell them? Wouldn't you just think you had a young Donald Trump on your hands? (Hopefully minus his assholeism?) This is what kids SHOULD be doing. Learning how to work. They will need those skills someday. But apparently if you live in Portland, Oregon, the cops would rather see kids learning how to beg. For budding entrepreneur Madison Root was told she could NOT sell her wares for cash -- she could, however, BEG for money. Huh?!


Madison and her dad were selling the mistletoe in downtown Portland when a private security guard asked her to stop since she didn't have a permit. She was told, however, that she could ask for donations for her braces. Donations, aka begging, does not require a permit.

Madison told KATU:

I don't want to beg! I would rather work for something than beg. It's crazy. People can get money for pot. But I can't get money for braces. I'm working for this! They're just sitting down on their butts all day asking for pot.

This girl should be commended. This is America. Yeah, some people have to beg. But most of us have to work. At her age, I had a paper route. I also babysat. Of course, there were lemonade stands. A bit older than Madison, and I was working in a pizzeria.

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I never begged. I wouldn't ever want my child to beg. Any time I see a child selling something, whether it's painted shells or old toys, I stop and buy something. Because I know how much 50 cents or a dollar means to them. They are taking a lot of pride in their work. It's a whole different thing from merely asking for donations, which does not have much pride in it at all.

I understand that public places can't just have tons of people out selling whatever willy nilly -- but, she should NOT have been told to merely beg, she should have been told how to get a permit. This girl wants to work and earn her own money for her own braces. Megan, I'll take a mistletoe! Keep me in mind when you're hiring.

Do you think the city was right?


Image via KATU

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