Mom Has Tiniest Baby Bump You've Ever Seen (PHOTO)

Caroline Berg Eriksen

Geez. Caroline Berg Eriksen has caused quite the stir this week after posting a photo of her rock-hard abs just three days post-baby to her Instagram account. You know who I'm talking about, right? The chick who looks insanely hot in her bra and underwear just a few days after pushing out a child?

Yeah, well, if you thought her post-baby bod was amazeballs -- wait until you get a load of the minuscule baby bump she was sporting at the end of her pregnancy.

Are you ready to see this? Trust me ... you're not.


Here it is. This photo was taken a little over a week before she gave birth.

Caroline Berg Eriksen

Are you freakin' kidding me? Let me reiterate -- she's nine months preggo in these pics. Nine. Months.

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Um, I don't know about you, but that's about how pregnant I looked right around month three or so. No, that's probably being generous. I looked like that before I got pregnant. I look like that now. You get the idea.

Seriously -- look at the pictures again. Have you ever seen another woman who was that tiny in the last week of her pregnancy or even the last trimester?!? That bump is practically non-existent -- to the point that it's almost impossible to believe she was rounding out her ninth month in the shots. Hell, if I'd have looked that good at five months, I would've thrown some kind of party.

Dang. She looks better pregnant that most women look not pregnant. She's the epitome of the "hot pregnant chick."

Doesn't really get much more unfair that that. 

Has your bump gotten huge yet?


Images via Instagram

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