Mom's Sweet Plan to Get Her 4-Year-Old to Wear His Glasses Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Noah and Lindsey Fisher

Don't you just love those stories that make you believe in the power of humanity again? In what has to be one of the sweetest random acts of kindness we've heard in a long time, a 4-year-old boy with glasses is gaining new confidence in wearing them thanks to countless strangers who have showed him he's not alone.

When little Noah Fisher first put on his new pair of specs -- he immediately burst into tears because he was sure everyone was going to laugh at him.

And that's when his mom knew she had to take some sort of action to ease his concerns -- and to make him proud to wear the glasses he so desperately needed to see correctly.


Lindsey Fisher set up a special page on Facebook called "Glasses for Noah," where she asked family and friends to upload pictures of themselves wearing glasses to show Noah just how "cool" then can be. And what happened next was definitely unexpected.

Check out this video clip to hear how this mom's simple request turned into something much bigger than she ever could've imagined.

Don't ya love it? There's really nothing like the power of social media to make such a simple and beautiful message spread like wildfire practically overnight.

And even though Lindsey's primary intention was to help Noah feel at ease with his glasses -- there have to be other kids out there who will benefit from this site as well. Now that so many people know about the page, it can serve as a tool for other parents who have kiddos struggling to get used to the idea of wearing specs. Once they see all those photos of random people wearing them and how awesome they look, they'll suddenly feel cool and confident too.

Who knew that a small request for family and friends could turn into something that would benefit so many? 

Does your child wear glasses? What have you done to make him/her feel better about wearing them?


Image via USAToday

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