School Bus Driver Caught Drunk Driving With Kids on Board

It’s hard to send your kids out into the world without you, but you do it anyway, because you know it’s part of growing up and the whole individuation process. One of the biggest steps we take as parents is sending them off to school -- but we trust that the teachers and other people taking care of them are responsible adults with training on how to handle kids.

Or, you know, in the case of school bus drivers, not to drive drunk. A Columbus school bus driver was pulled over on Monday after driving erratically. The driver was drunk and had an open container of alcohol.


Tia Denton was driving two children (a 9-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy) home when she was pulled over. She took a breath test and blew a 0.216 -- nearly three times the legal limit.

Thankfully, neither of the children aboard were hurt; they were just a little late as Ms. Denton got a little bit lost, being drunk and all.

This is the first year that Denton has worked for the Columbus schools, and there was nothing in her background check that might’ve indicated this type of irresponsible behavior might be an issue. No complaints about her job performance thus far had been issued either.

There are certain kinds of jobs where you don’t get a do-over, so to speak. When you work with kids, especially other people’s kids, it’s one of those times.

Jeffrey Warner, a spokesman for the Columbus City Schools, seems to be on the same opinion. “This is a real shock,” he said. “This is something we will absolutely not tolerate.”

Good. That kind of behavior should never be tolerated.

Have your kids ever been put in harm's way by an adult you trusted?


Image via Rosa Say/Flickr

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