3-Year-Old With Autism's Dream of Preschool Destroyed After He's Rejected (VIDEO)

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The parents of a 3-year-old boy are understandably disappointed and upset after he was accepted and then rejected by a preschool presumably due to his autism and diabetes.

Little Jesse Weiser has been asking to go to school for quite some time, so you can only imagine his parents' elation when he was told he could attend a private Montessori nursery school near their home. But since Jessie is autistic and has diabetes, which requires him to carry around an emergency pack full of supplies should his blood sugar drop -- his parents double-checked with the school to make sure it would be ok since the kit contains peanut butter.


Mark and Tanja Weiser were told it wouldn't be a problem since none of the children in the class have nut allergies. But just to be on the safe side, Jesse's parents removed the peanut butter from the pack. And the very next day, Tanja says she called the school to confirm Jesse's spot in the class and was told it was no longer available.

Take a look at this video to hear what happened next.

Are you believing this? If what this mom says is true and the school did, in fact, lie to her -- then I don't blame her for being irate. I completely understand that since this particular school is private, they have the right to turn away any kids they do not wish to have in their program. But you can't go telling parents their child has been accepted and then reject him the next day and not expect them to be upset about it.

Mark and Tanja must have been so elated that their son was going to have the chance to attend preschool like a normal kid. It's just such a shame that the opportunity was swept out from under his feet for whatever reason.

And if the school really did lie to avoid having to admit Jesse into their class, at the very least, they owe his parents an apology.

Hopefully for this poor little boy's sake, another school will hear about what happened and offer to take him in. He deserves to attend preschool just as much as anyone else.

Do you believe the school lied to Jesse's parents?


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