Mom Blames Her 13-Pound Baby on 3 Foods She Ate During Pregnancy (VIDEO)

13 pound 10 ounce baby

Whoa baby! A woman in China just delivered a 13 pound 10 ounce infant, who is roughly twice the size of the average Chinese newborn.

As of now, both the mother and the child are doing well, though no details were released as to whether she gave birth naturally or via a C-section. (For her sake, let's hope she had a C ...)

And while larger than normal babies aren't exactly anything new -- the reason this woman gives for why her little one is anything but little is actually pretty surprising.


Get this one -- she credits her diet of milk, fruit, and eggs for growing a super-sized baby.

And wait until you see how big this child looks alongside another brand new babe. Check out this video to see the comparison.

Pretty significant difference, huh?

But are you really believing that this woman's diet may have played a part in how big her baby wound up being? I'm just not sure that I'm buying it. It's not like she was scarfing down pizza and cheeseburgers -- she was drinking a glass of milk, eating one egg, and having fruit every day. Um ... those are all things most people consider to be healthy -- so I highly doubt they were a contributing factor.

And since her doctors say she put on weight fairly quickly, there has to be more going on here than what she ate during the pregnancy, right?

I remember hearing, "What on earth did you eat?" over and over again after I had my son, who weighed in at 8 pounds 1 ounce. Sure ... I splurged here and there, but ate healthfully for most of my pregnancy, so I always fired back with something along the lines of, "what I ate had nothing to do with his size -- I'm the one who packed on 50 pounds!"

Nah. There's no way in the world this mom had a big baby simply due to noshing on clean, whole foods. Maybe if she'd sucked back a gallon of milk and plowed through two dozen eggs each day -- but one serving of each? No. Way.

Don't panic, moms-to-be -- the milk, eggs, and fruit aren't going to hurt you. And they're certainly not going to make you produce a giganta-baby.

Did you adjust your diet after you became pregnant?


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