Celebrity Parenting Experts Now Available in Your Own Living Room!

The following is a post from our sponsor, MomAssembly.

Parenting books are great, but moms are a tired, busy bunch -- who has time to read a chapter at a time, let alone finish the whole thing?

That’s why veteran parenting experts Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger, the founders of MomAssembly, parenting experts to the stars, and authors of the best-selling book and DVD The SleepeasySolution, came up with their virtual parenting “university” for moms. MomAssembly conveniently brings experts right into the living rooms (or bedrooms, or kitchens, or even bathrooms -- because let’s be honest, sometimes that’s the only place you can get two minutes to yourself!) of moms everywhere.


Now CafeMom has partnered with MomAssembly to offer you a series of three FREE courses taught by renowned pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein: "Dr. JJ's Guide For Home Safety: Before Baby's Arrival," “Dr. JJ's Guide To Your Baby's Body: 4 Months to 2 Years," and “Dr. JJ's Guide On When To Worry: 4 Months to 2 Years.” Each course consists of approximately 60 minutes of content, broken down into 5 to 10 minute videos that you can stream from any device at any time, plus downloadable handouts to refer to later. If you love them (and we think you will), you can sign up to purchase more courses -- and once you buy them, they’re yours forever. Choose your perfect course and start learning today!

If you could take a parenting course on any topic, what would it be?

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