Controversial Joe Boxer Ad Is Not Too 'Sexy' for Kids (VIDEO)

If you're a woman and you have a social media account, you've likely had someone share with you this controversial Kmart commercial for Joe Boxer men's underwear. The sender either loved it ("Finally, an ad for us women," a Facebook friend posted on her wall) or loathed it and claimed it was going to destroy our children's innocence and demolish every value we work so hard to instill in them.

The truth is: it's a really silly ad that is neither sexy and stimulating nor all that scandalous. It's sort of clever and will probably help sell a lot of underwear. And it might make your kids yawn. But that's about it, folks.


The ad shows a line of men playing "Jingle Bells" with their gyrating hips -- the implication of which is (I think) that they have bells tied to their penises? I think? Despite what you've been sold by those greatly offended by it, there isn't an ounce of flesh to be seen, other than six sets of shapely male legs wearing your Great Uncle's black dress socks and shoes. The men are cute and the underwear is festive. But if you think your average kid is even going to bat an eyelash at this commercial, you're wrong. 

For better or worse -- definitely worse -- many kids and tweens are learning more about anatomy by simply glimpsing over our shoulders as we read the morning tabloids to see what Kim Kardashian wore to church that morning. They get to grow up with Miley. 'Nuff said.

In general, I don't believe nudity or sexual innuendo in media is worth fighting over when kids are the market for some of the most horrifically violent video games I've ever seen. I have a way bigger problem with my child killing prostitutes, stealing cars, and murdering gangsters in a video game than I do him or her seeing a woman wearing underwear or -- gasp -- topless or watching a man shake his hips in boxer shorts. 

At least sex can be a beautiful, positive experience in life. What good comes out of murder?

Anyhoo -- check out the commercial and judge for yourself.

Do you think the Joe Boxer commercial is too racy for kids?


Image via YouTube

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