Mom Cherishes Pregnancy Knowing Baby Will Die Soon After Birth

baby bumpIn what seems beyond unthinkable, a mom in England had to go through the last few months of her pregnancy knowing there was a very good chance her baby would not survive. Katiya Rowe's baby's brain was not developing correctly in utero, leaving him with a condition that would make him unable to care for himself, walk, or talk.

And after he was born, her son, Lucian, only lived for a mere nine hours. But amid her grief, Katiya still recalls being joyous over having the chance to be a mother to her son -- even though most of the time she "spent" with him was when she was still pregnant.


She now treasures a 3D ultrasound picture of her beautiful baby boy, who she'll never have the chance to see grow up. 

While her story is nothing short of devastating -- doesn't it put what women go through during nine months of pregnancy into perspective a little more?

Let me ask you this -- how many times have you wished that your pregnancy would move a little faster? Either because you dream of holding your baby in your arms or you simply can't stand being pregnant anymore? We've all been there.

Now put yourself in this mom's shoes. She could feel her baby moving and growing inside of her -- yet she knew as soon as those nine months were up, she would probably be saying goodbye to him. Can you even imagine?

Hearing her story makes me feel so horrible about every time I complained about being uncomfortable, or too large, or the times when I said, "I wish this would end, already" over and over again.

Yes, pregnancy is challenging at times. But it's also a miraculous gift -- one that we should embrace and appreciate even when the going gets tough.

I hope that this poor woman will find peace in the fact that she's an inspiration to others to be grateful for every single moment of motherhood -- even before it technically begins.

Are you guilty of wishing your pregnancy away?


Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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