Girl Auctions Off Rare 'American Girl' Doll to Raise Money for Troops (VIDEO)

Jordan Buie

While many other children are busy making their wish lists for Santa during this time of year, believe it or not -- there's one little girl who understands that giving is much better than receiving.

Ten-year-old Jordan Buie is giving up the American Girl doll that was supposed to be her Christmas present, all for the sake of raising money to send care packages to our troops.

She found the doll by accident in the closet one day, and instead of being upset that her Christmas surprise was ruined, Jordan came up with a plan. She knew this particular doll, Saige, was on back order, putting her in very high demand. And that's when she suggested donating the doll by holding a raffle where people can enter for $1 to win her.


As you will see in this video, Jordan has already raised $800, which will be spent on various items to be put in care packages for the troops. Check it out.

Wow. What a wonderful, mature, selfless little girl she is! I don't have a daughter, but many of my friends do, so I know just how precious American Girl dolls are to the kids who love them. It can't have been easy for her to part with such a special gift that she wanted so badly -- but it's obvious that knowing she's doing something kind for others is worth way more than a doll to Jordan.

I can't even imagine how proud her parents must be of her. They're definitely doing everything right when it comes to raising her to understand the importance of helping others -- especially men and women who are keeping us safe and fighting for our freedom every single day.

I plan on telling my son about this amazing child for sure. If her story doesn't help him (and any other kid for that matter) understand the true meaning of the holiday season, then nothing ever will.

Do you think your child would part with his/her favorite toy for the sake of our troops?


Image via NBCDFW

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