Parents of Boy Who Had His Ear Bitten Off at Daycare Shouldn't Be So Upset

toysThere are always going to be risks when we take our child out of the bubble called our home and send him off for others to take care of him. There are even risks in caring for your baby yourself. Things just happen. Things we don't want to happen, but that's why they are called accidents. One family is experiencing something horrific that happened to their 2-year-old while at only his second day at daycare. There was an incident that appears to involve another child ... another child who bit part of one child's ear off.

If you are a parent of a biter, this story is just as terrifying.


Of course if it was my child whose ear was bitten off, I would be livid. This is so awful. Why weren't the kids being monitored? Things like this happen in an instant, but my gosh that biter must have had some strong jaws to rip part of an ear off. And that's when I recall the time my son bit me on my back. The grip! I had no idea his jaw could be that strong. So then I also started feeling bad for the biter as well as the child who was bitten. It could have been my child on either side of this story, even though I'd like to believe my son would never bite another child.

The parents in this story -- Mohammed and Afsha Abubaker -- have every right to be upset that their child Daniyaall had part of his ear bitten off while in the care of Mucky Pups Day Nursery in Birmingham, England. It was revealed the daycare center had violations and no one seemed to know exactly what transpired to have part Daniyaall's ear missing. The part was never found. Some believe if it was bitten off by another child, that child ate it. It's the daycare's fault, as this biter is just a baby. The family shouldn't harbor this anger and direct it at the child who (they believe) did the biting (if in fact that is exactly what happened). They do deserve to know exactly what happened.

I wondered if my son could be capable of doing such damage if he bit another child's ear. It seems so unfathomable, but here we learn it has happened. When my son bit me, we were playing around and giggling and he went to hug me and then bit me. So it seemed he was biting out of playfulness. I explained to him how much he hurt me and how we should never bite anyone and I hope he understood. Hopefully this boy who was bitten recovers fine and that the family doesn't hold onto any anger for the child who may have bit him.

Parenting can be so crazy sometimes, especially when we have to worry about things like this.

Is your child a biter? Does it worry you he would bite and hurt another child like this?


Image via Rudolf Vlcek/Flickr

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