Dad Calmly Complains About School's Lame Pick-Up Policy & Gets Arrested (VIDEO)

arrested dadOnce in a while (too often, actually), a story comes along that makes me so mad, so righteously indignant, that I can't even freaking deal. Like, I want to tell you about the absolutely ridiculous thing that happened to this by all accounts good dad but I have to wait for the smoke to stop coming out of my ears mad. This, my friends, is one of those stories. And if you have a child who goes to a school where the pick-up and/or drop-off policy is inefficient to the point where it's borderline dangerous, then before long, you'll most likely be spewing smoke, too. 

See, Jim Howe of Tennessee wasn't doing anything wrong when he went to pick up his two kids from South Cumberland Elementary School. Really, he wasn't. All he did was dare to complain about a ridiculous rule preventing him from picking up his kids on foot ahead of parents picking up their kids by car.


(Just so we're clear, what Howe wanted to do was walk on the sidewalk like a civilized human being, ahead of the long, long line of cars holding up traffic to get his kids -- as opposed to waiting, ON FOOT, at the end of that long, long line of cars.)

Guess what happened to Howe? HE GOT ARRESTED. 

What how why?! Well, it appears that Howe's fatal mistake was the phone call he made to Cumberland County Sheriff to air his grievance (calmly and rationally). That phone call apparently ruffled the feathers of South Cumberland Elementary's School Resource Officer Avery Aytes, who wouldn't even listen to Howe, shutting him down thusly: "I'm going to call some help down here and we're going to take you up to the jail right now ... I'm not putting up with this today."

Luckily, the whole wildly unjust thing was caught on video by Howe's fiancée: 

Insane, right?? As a parent, I've dealt with school drop-off/pick-up policies so convoluted and aggravating, I spent most mornings/afternoons banging my head against the steering wheel, so my heart really goes out to this guy. When will the madness stop, schools??

Does the drop-off and/or pick-up policy at your kid's school drive you nuts?


Image via Howe Motorsports/YouTube

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