Boy Saves Family From Tornado in the Nick of Time (VIDEO)

brevin hunter

Kids. Such know-it-alls, right? Always thinking they have all the answers. I mean, by the time they're 6 years old, it's like Mom doesn't know anything about anything, right? Well ... right. Sometimes, at least, kids really DO know more than we know, or are willing to accept. That's what Illinois mom Lisa Hunter discovered recently, anyway. When her family heard local tornado sirens blaring, her 6-year-old son Brevin insisted they drop everything and head downstairs to the basement, like his teacher told him: "Please, Mom. This is what they teach us in school. When you hear the siren, you need to go somewhere safe," he said. But when Lisa looked out the window, the skies looked pretty clear to her -- the sirens were probably just a drill, she said. No need to go down to the basement.

But Brevin insisted -- and it's a good thing, too.


Because, as you might have guessed by now, a very real tornado hit the Hunter home not 10 minutes later! Luckily, by that point, Lisa had given in to Brevin's pleas and the whole family was in the basement hanging out on a futon. "There's no way I would have gone if he hadn't kept nagging me," she said later. And it was a pretty serious tornado, too, with winds between 166 and 200 miles per hour! 

The family is now staying in an emergency shelter, but if not for Brevin, they might not even be alive! Check out this amazingly brave little boy:


Amazing! What an important and powerful reminder to listen to our kids. Sure, it's cheesy, but we really can learn from them -- sometimes they can even save our lives!

Has there ever been a time when you almost didn't listen to your kid -- but you were glad you did?


Image via Chicago Tribune/YouTube

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