Girl Given to the Wrong Mom at Birth Is Glad It Happened

First we heard from Callie Johnson, one of two newborn girls who were switched at birth back in 1995. Callie, now 18, still lives with her non-biological mother, who, as far as she is concerned, is her mom and her best friend. Tragic as it was that Callie never got to know her bio parents, Kevin and Whitney Chittum, who died in a car crash just as the hospital mix-up was discovered, she is happy, healthy, and grateful for the mom she has. Now the other girl, Rebecca Chittum Conley, is speaking out. At 3 years old, Rebecca lost the only parents she had known, the ones she was mistakenly given to, when they died in a tragic car accident. A judge ruled that Rebecca should stay with the Chittum family rather than be given back to her bio mom, Paula Johnson. And her story is just as unbelievably incredible!


After it was ruled that Rebecca should stay with the Chittum family, her biological mom, Paula, began visiting Rebecca after her attempts at getting her back failed. Meanwhile, Rebecca's bio father, Carlton Conley, also wanted to forge a relationship with his real daughter. He was no longer with Paula -- in fact, it was his demand for a paternity test that sparked the realization that Callie wasn't really theirs -- but he began visiting Rebecca.

Incredibly, he also began falling in love with Rebecca's aunt, Pam, who was her bio mom Whitney's sister and who was helping to raise Rebecca. The two eventually married. So now Rebecca lives with her biological father and her aunt/stepmom, Pam.

You couldn't make this stuff up, I'm telling you!

Rebecca says she has no desire to get to know Paula, her bio mom. She told the Daily Mail:

I am very thankful for the life I have. I would not go back and change a single second of it ... I am very happy I was switched at birth because I love the family I am with and if that didn’t happen then I wouldn’t know them.

On her Facebook page, she wrote:

I love my mom to death. You eventually find out that it’s the people who love and who take care of you, not necessarily the ones who give birth to you. Love you mom.

Wow. It's strange that Rebecca has no desire to get to know her bio mother -- but it sounds like she is where she wants to be. Perhaps these two girls weren't so much given to the wrong parents, but born to the wrong ones.

Do you think that it was fate that they were switched?

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