Mom Goes to Extreme Lengths to Find Daughter's Lost Toy (PHOTO)

mr. rabbitMost kids have their favorite stuffed animal or, as my daughter calls them, "stuffies." It's the toy they sleep with; the toy they always gravitate toward first; and the toy they rarely want to leave home without. The toy, in a way, is the child's best friend.

So what happens when your kid accidentally loses it?

You go to extreme lengths to find it, if you're mom Zoe Stewart, that's what. When her adorable 3-year-old daughter Ruby lost Mr. Rabbit, the floppy-eared stuffed bunny she was given at birth, Ruby "cried herself to sleep." The poor thing was beside herself, and as her mother, Zoe couldn't let that happen. So she did what any modern mom would do to get her toddler's stuffie back: She posted a pic of the bunny to Twitter in hopes of finding it.

And, yes. It went viral.


The photo of Mr. Rabbit has been tweeted by over a thousand people, including by a small celeb in England. The bunny was lost during a weekend trip to London from Scotland, where the family is from. Zoe thinks that Ruby accidentally dropped the cuddly toy while they were walking to a restaurant, as she was tired. "If I have to get a train back to London to collect Mr. Rabbit I will!" Zoe said, adding: "He was there when she was in hospital, he was there when she had chicken pox, her first tooth, the first time she fell and skint her knee or bumped her head. He’s seen it all."

Of course, Ruby will eventually get over it if Mr. Rabbit never turns up, but it's amazing the lengths parents go through for their children. To an outsider, losing a "lovey" probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but Zoe's heart must have broke when she saw her daughter crying over losing who she calls her "best friend." No parent can bear seeing their child so upset. Of course she's doing everything she possibly can to get him back.

So far, no luck on finding Mr. Rabbit, but if anyone has any info on his whereabouts, they can email or visit the Stewart family website. And pass this along, please. Hey, you never know who will come across this online. Good luck, Ruby and Zoe!

Has your child ever lost their favorite stuffed toy?


Image via Instagram

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