Baby 'Comes Back to Life' 10 Hours After Being Declared Dead

tiny footWhoa! You're not going to believe this one. After being declared dead following an emergency C-section, a newborn baby in Colombia came back to life -- 10 hours after her parents were told she was gone.

The baby's mother was rushed to the hospital where the delivery was performed, and just 35 minutes later, doctors determined that the little girl had no signs of life. Her tiny body was placed inside a box and she was taken to the morgue.

And then when her distraught father came to collect her remains -- something amazing happened.


He and the person working in the morgue suddenly heard the baby cry -- and they realized she was very much alive. She was taken by plane to another hospital and is now in intensive care.

Doctors believe she had a "soft heartbeat" upon birth, which was so faint, the medical staff believed she was dead. Apparently when she was wrapped in a sheet afterward, it may have warmed her body enough to bring the heartbeat up so she would start showing signs of life.

Can you even imagine how surreal that moment was for her dad? In one breath, he was there to pick up his lifeless baby so he could bury her -- and then in the next, he was hearing the sweet sound of her cries.

And if this story wasn't already unbelievable enough -- just wait until you hear what this child's parents named her. Milagros. Which means "Miracles."

Is there a more fitting name out there that this baby could have been given? It's almost like her name is a constant reminder to everyone that miracles do happen, even when you least expect them to and think that all hope is completely lost.

And hopefully for these parents, the miracles have only just begun, and this precious baby will soon be making her way back home with them where she belongs. After all they've been through, this family certainly deserves a happy ending.

Do you think these parents selected the right name for their baby?


Image via kakutani/Flickr

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