Mom Runs Over Toddler While 2 Sons Are Nearby

carLosing a child has to be the most painful, gut-wrenching, life-ruining thing a parent could ever go though. My heart goes out to anyone who's ever been through something so terrible -- I can't even fathom it. But imagine if you were the person to accidentally take your child's life? How could you possibly go on?

A mother in New Jersey accidentally ran over her toddler daughter on Saturday when she was picking her and her older brothers up from their grandparents house. No charges have been filed in this situation and details still remain scant, but my god, this poor, poor woman and her family. It really can't get any worse than this.


As parents, it's our job to protect our children; to shield them from danger. Of course we can't hold their hands throughout their entire lives, but when they're young -- toddler young -- we are there whenever they need us. We are the ones they turn to when they're sad, hurt, angry, tired, sick, happy, and excited. We're their everything. Being the person who accidentally caused harm to our child (or, worst of all, death) is unfathomable. My heart is broken for this woman. I honestly don't know how she'll go on.

I'm not a psychiatrist, but I do know that losing a child is the absolute worse thing a parent can possibly go through. So thoughts and prayers go out to this mother and her family. I can't imagine she'll ever be able to forgive herself for what reportedly was an honest to goodness accident, but hopefully she'll manage to find peace sometime again in her life -- and hopefully she can help her two sons get through this, as well. Because that's what parents do.

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Image via kevinmarsh/Flickr

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