Bus Driver Leaves 5-Year-Old at Wrong Stop With Stranger (VIDEO)

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A mom in Oregon is understandably irate this week, after her 5-year-old daughter was left at the wrong bus stop -- with a man she didn't even know.

When Charlotte Mandich went to retrieve her kindergartner, Natalia, from her designated bus stop on Wednesday, she was met with every parent's worst nightmare. The bus driver informed her that her child had already been dropped off -- leaving Charlotte in a state of panic.

Want to know where she was? A half mile away with the dad of another little girl she attends school with.


Take a look at this video to hear more about what happened.

Um, is this messed up or what? Thank God Natalia was left with Jeremy Reisdorf, a kind-hearted person who immediately knew something was wrong and made sure she got home safely.

But what if he hadn't been there? What if Natalia had been placed in the hands of someone who did not have her best interests at heart? And it would've been bad enough if the driver left her with another mom -- but a random dude? Again, let's just be thankful things turned out ok.

If I were Charlotte, however, I'd demand that this man be fired for potentially putting a child in harm's way. I understand that there are so many kids on the bus that it's easy to get confused as to who gets off where. But all he had to do was ask Natalia where her mother was, and he would've known something wasn't right.

I remember there was one day last year when I went to get my own son off the bus, and the driver looked at me and said, "He's not here." I swear I almost passed out right then and there. I started to panic. It turns out he simply had his nose buried in a book and didn't notice that he was at his stop -- but I still couldn't breathe. And that's why I can only imagine how terrified this mom was when her daughter not only did not come off that bus -- but was then told she'd already been dropped off with another person.

Hopefully Charlotte won't rest until this man is fired. Yes, he made a mistake, which is something everyone does from time to time. But when it comes to a child's safety, there's really no room for this sort of error.

Do you think the bus driver should be terminated?


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