Mom Undergoes Scary Emergency C-Section During Typhoon (VIDEO)

doctors emergency c-section

The devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is nothing short of unimaginable, given how many people lost their lives and the others who survived but are now living in ruin. And it's always heartwarming to see people from other countries stepping in to help after a natural disaster like this, especially when it comes to offering medical assistance.

Wait until you see this video of American doctors performing an emergency C-section to deliver a baby -- all while huddled under nothing more than a tarp. You'll feel all warm and fuzzy. I promise.


Check it out.

OMG. Didn't your heart skip a beat when you heard that precious newborn's cries?

Wait ... there's more. Here's the footage of the baby being presented to the mother after the C-section. Warning -- this video is a bit more graphic than the last.

Aww! I'm sure that in the midst of the chaos in the storm, this mother was so fearful as to whether or not she and her baby would survive. Can you imagine how relieved she was when those doctors arrived to assist with the birth? What a loving and tender moment to capture on film! It sort of renews our faith in humanity to see volunteer doctors from the U.S. stepping in to help this woman, doesn't it? It had to be dangerous for them to go into such horrific conditions, but by doing so, they saved at least two lives, and there's something to be said for that.

Again -- hearing that newborn crying is one small ray of sunshine in the middle of such horrible devastation. We should all be proud of these incredible doctors.

What amazed you the most about these videos?


Image via Ted Regencia/YouTube

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