Grandmothers Make 4-Year-Old Testify Against Dad for Mom's Murder

court roomWow. Just ... WOW. I know that justice needs to be served when it comes to horrible crimes, but after hearing about a 4-year-old who testified against his father for killing his mother, I feel so bad for the poor kid I'm honestly not even sure what to say.

Michael D. Lawrence was charged with killing Angelica Olivarez back on April 15. Prosecutors decided it would be a good idea to put little Michael Lawrence III on the stand as a witness -- because he'd seen it happen.

Think about that for a second. Not only did this kid witness his mother's murder, by his FATHER -- he was then forced to throw his daddy under the bus for committing the crime.

Did I mention that his grandmother and great-grandmother coaxed him into the courtroom?


Uh-huh. Supposedly the poor kid was "intimidated," and it took them a good 10 minutes or so to get him into the room to give his testimony. And while the judge did allow the grandmothers to remain with Michael for support -- it still doesn't change the fact that this child has been traumatized beyond comprehension!

I'm sure they simply wanted to make sure that the man who killed Michael's mom wound up behind bars -- but what kind of granny forces an already scared little boy into a courtroom to do the unthinkable?

Just think about the memories that are going to haunt this little boy as he grows up. Right around 4 years old is the age some kids are able to recall specific events that happened -- or at least I remember quite a bit from when I was 4.

If the nightmare of seeing his mother's death isn't bad enough -- he will also grow up without his father, who he helped put in JAIL. If that's not the definition of torture for a child, what is?

Again, I know justice had to be served in this case. But there had to be some other evidence or way of getting to the bottom of things without putting this child through something so horrible.

Do you think these grandmothers did the right thing?


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