Baby Weighing 8 Pounds Born at 9:10 on 11/12/13

newborn footThere are plenty of funny little coincidences we encounter in life, and then there are those that are so amazing, they really blow our minds. Like Carson Lee, a baby born on 11/12/13 at 9:10 a.m. weighing in at 8 pounds.

Yes, you read that right. This little guy is 8 pounds, and arrived at 9:10 -- with a birth date of 11/12/13.

OMG. What are the odds?!?


This is so wild, I don't even know where to being. Something about this particular birth just seems way too coincidental to be a mere coincidence, don't you think?

It's like Carson Lee's arrival was written in the heavens or something -- and was supposed to occur at that exact moment so he'd have the most appropriate and sequential birth date, time, and weight of all time.

OMG. There are probably so many moms who would've given anything to have their babies born yesterday. Then you add in the extra little details that make this child's birth so unique, and you know his parents are envied for sure!

I mean, there were even women inducing or having C-sections on 11/12/13 simply for the sake of the birth date, so it's kinda cool how things worked out for this couple.

Man. I wonder if they realize just how lucky they are? While no parent ever forgets their child's birthday or birth weight -- I know I often draw a blank about what my son's exact time of birth was. I remember that it was somewhere around 8 p.m. -- but that's all I got.

But had he had the 8-9-10-11-12-13 thing going on? Yeah ... I'd never have to look it up again.

Does your baby's birthday have any weird number sequence?


Image via timomcd/Flickr

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