7-Year-Old's Sweet Gesture for Deployed Soldiers Is Beyond Heartwarming

child writing letter

She may only be in second grade, but one little girl from Tennessee is certainly proving to be very wise beyond her years. When she heard that members of our military stationed overseas would not have the pleasure of being with their families for Thanksgiving, 7-year-old Katie Kirkpatrick started writing letters to deployed soldiers to let them know people at home are still thinking about them.

And because she was so passionate about writing and sending them, her mother, teacher, and school principal decided to help her get the entire school involved to reach as many people as possible.


The endeavor, appropriately titled "The Big Thank You" project, has now resulted in over 200 letters being mailed to our brave men and women in uniform.

Isn't she a little doll? What a kind, giving spirit this child has. Seriously -- how many 7-year-olds do you know who would take it upon themselves to do something like this for people they've never even met? And you have to love how her motivation stemmed from something as simple as wanting to make others happy -- which is a virtue every parent hopes their child will have growing up.

I know her mom is incredibly proud of her, and she has to be just bursting at the seams over how generous and sweet Katie is. She's obviously doing everything right in raising her daughter to be selfless and to think of others' happiness -- something that can be pretty tough for young kids.

And just think about how moved the people who receive those letters are going to be! As Katie realizes, being away from their families at Thanksgiving is very difficult. But I don't know how getting a thoughtful letter from a child who cares won't brighten up their day and make them realize just how truly appreciated they are.

Has your child done anything solely to make others happy?


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