11-Year-Old Boy Who Can Talk Backwards Might Make It Big Someday (VIDEO)

boy talks backwardsKids say the darndest things ... backwards? Well, maybe not most kids. But an 11-year-old boy named Cameron from Scotland is getting tons of attention for doing just that: Talking backwards. And I don't mean singular words or even simple sentences -- this kid can literally say anything backwards without breaking a sweat! It's honestly sort of eerie to watch/hear -- maybe because it sort of reminds me of Twin Peaks -- but there's no question that Cameron's got talent. The only question is, what exactly does a parent DO with a talent like this one?


Besides obtain video evidence and put it up on YouTube, that is. I mean, obviously we all want to encourage our kids to develop their own unique abilities and to celebrate what makes them individuals and all of that, but is that really why the average parent schleps their kids to lacrosse practice and piano recitals? Or is it because we think that developing those "traditional" talents will pay off someday in the form of college scholarships and/or job opportunities?

It's kind of sad to think about it that way, but the truth is, most of the time parents want their kids to excel in the hopes that their natural talents will turn into careers at some point. Now, it's unlikely that Cameron will ever make a living talking backwards, but does that mean he shouldn't be encouraged? Of course not! Because no matter what our kids are good at, getting better at it is only going to boost their confidence, which is going to up their chances of success in life no matter what they do. Check out this video and you'll see what I mean about TALENT:

There's no way I could ever do that!! Could you? Rock on, Cameron!

Does your kid have any unusual talents?


Image via DailyMail

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