Miracle Newborn Weighs Less Than a Soda Can, But Defies the Odds

alexis clarkeMiracles do happen. And the proof is in Alexis Clarke, the baby who was born at 25 weeks, weighing just 11 ounces, who will be going home from the hospital any day now. Clarke, who's the smallest baby ever to be delivered at UCSD Medical Center, spent six long months at the hospital after mom Laurie had to give birth extremely prematurely due to complications stemming from an under-developed placenta. "She was smaller than a can of soda," Laurie said.

But more unnerving was the fact that Alexis’s odds of survival were low. Less than 25 percent low.


Immediately after being born, Alexis was placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and was surrounded by nurses and doctors tending to her 24 hours a day. Laurie wasn't able to hold her daughter the first three months of her life. (Could you imagine?) "It definitely challenges every bit of strength that you have. [It was] heartwrenching," she said. But with time, proper care, and modern medicine, Alexis’ health got better every week. She now weighs 7 pounds, 3 ounces and is slotted to go home around Thanksgiving.

Despite her going home, though, Alexis isn't in the clear yet. Doctors have told Laurie that it's a "day-by-day situation," so every day, she cherishes every second with her sweet daughter. "We count every day as such a blessing with her, and we know we are so lucky to have her. Every day, you just never know," said Clarke. "I couldn’t imagine loving someone as much as we do her." Every parent knows what it's like to love a child. It's heartbreaking to think there are some out there where it's a day-by-day situation.

Although strong, hopeful, and happy now, Laurie didn't always feel this way. After Alexis was born, she confessed constantly asking herself, "What did I do wrong?" She felt like she could have prevented her medical issue and things would have been different. (She couldn't have.)

But you know what I say? I say she asks herself what did she do right. She gave birth to a bona fide miracle baby. Congrats, Laurie. So glad your baby is finally coming home.

Did you have a premature baby?


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